Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Thanksgiving at Grandmas

I forgot to put up these pictures with all the craziness!!

We had a fun day at Grandmas playing!

Elizabeth LOVES Grandma!!

Ben is playing with Cousin Lisa.

Billie and Elizabeth are great pals. Our guest bedroom at our house is labeled "Billie's room" by Elizabeth.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Time Flies!

Well, I am to the end of the photography rush and have just a bit of time to put a new post up here! Sorry it has been so long! I have been feverishly working on pictures and Christmas cards for different families!

These first two pictures are of Ben when he got his hands on his first biter bisquit. WARNING: These bisquits should only be given when you are prepared to bathe the child and wash the clothes immediately after!!

Elizabeth had a "mini" dance recital - which was really dance class with an audience and tutus. While she never does everything she is supposed to during dance class, she usually does quite a bit of it. However, she felt an audience was a perfect excuse to stand in one place and yawn.

Or Stick her hands in her leotard.