Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mother's Day 2008

Only 7 days until we leave for Disneyworld! Elizabeth cried today because 7 more times of going to sleep was TOO MANY!!

Mother's Day was lots of fun! Rich worked really hard to make the day special for me and it really was. We worked together to make the day special for our moms. Here are some pictures!!

My pride and my joy! (Although some days I refer to them as pilage and plunder)

Omom had a combined Mother's Day/Birthday this year -- but since we put them together - she got an Touch Ipod! She was excited!

Watch out world! Introducing the next Guitar hero!!

On Holidays - you just have to catch naps where you can get them! You will see that Benjamin has finally made the 20 pound mark and is facing forward in the car. They LOVE getting to sit next to each other (at least for now!)

Grandma's mother's day gift was a GPS for her to help her get around. (You can always tell when the Hoffmans are in charge of gifts! They tend to lean the technology way!) Marilyn and Rich have trouble following directions and the GPS has been the answer for Rich. We'll see how Marilyn likes it!

We had a great day! We are truly blessed having such wonderful family!