Saturday, July 31, 2010

WHAT! A Whole Year!!!

Well, I can't believe a whole year has passed without a single entry from me. I am hesistant to promise anything as we are expecting a new baby in a month or so.

However - I have to be able to do a little better. . .right?!?!

Tonight I read a blog being written by a woman I greatly admire. She spends a little time each week counting her blessings as a wife and mother. In doing this, she is chronically all the wonderful things that her children do and say. She is also taking time to glorify God and the many blessings he has given. So while I know that life with a new baby will get crazy, I hope to follow in her footsteps in some way.

Here are a couple stories that I want to remember. . . so I will share them here.

1) Elizabeth was sitting with me the other night, being her sweet self and chatting with me. Suddenly she starts giggling and I begin to smell something unpleasent. She says through giggles, "Mom, I have had gas all day today" I reply, "Well, I hope you didn't pass it around Ali (our babysitter) or the neighbors. You might scare them away!" She giggles some more and reports, "I did. But it is ok, I blamed it on Ben."

2) Benjamin was playing out front and riding his "bikes". Daddy was leaving so I told Ben to come sit with me until Daddy gets out of the driveway. While we were waiting for him to leave, I explained how dangerous cars were and that they could really hurt him if he got hit by one. He reported that he would simply "break the window, climb into my car seat, and buckle up". When I explain that he would have lots of broken bones and have to go to the hospital for a long time, he replied, "No I wouldn't. I know how to fix broken bones." I was a little shocked at his confidence, but I said, "Really?". He said, "Yep! I would just use Duct Tape!"

These children make me smile all the time. I very rarely write down these crazy stories that happen - thinking I will remember them forever. So perhaps if I can get better about this blog, I can keep these memories forever.