Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Some Fun Candid Shots

We were taking some pictures to have a picture to turn into Channel 6 for First Birthdays. Elizabeth took time to get all dolled up as she was sure that she needed to be included in these pictures. So she hopped up on the chair with Ben. Ben was studying her princess dress.

Then he decided to let out a squeal that only Ben knows how to produce and it just makes me laugh to see the face he makes mid-squeal.

Then everyone was happy and laughing.

Here is Ben and his friend Grant Meyer. Grant is so excited that Ben is FINALLY getting to an age where he can play with Grant. Because those girls don't always include Grant. However, Grant is not so sure why Ben thinks it is so fun to tackle him. (Please note the hot pink ball in front of Ben and the cup that belongs to the kitchen beside Grant - this is what happens when you have older sisters)

This is Elizabeth with her "BEST FRIEND" Maddie. Of course, some days I am her best friend and some days Ben is. But Maddie is the only one that she will shout "Maddie is MY BEST FRIEND". The girls are getting to a fun age where they are getting good at sharing and playing together. We still have a few bad days here and there - but for the most part - they have a blast together!