Thursday, June 25, 2009

A trip to Grandmas

It is so rare that I actually remember to take pictures when the family gets together, so I thought I'd better post these while I had them! We headed down to Grandmas to celebrate a belated birthday for Barb. We took it as an opportunity to get lots of pictures!

Here is Billie getting her picture taken with Ben and his "spiky" hair.

Ben was so proud of his "spikey" hair that Barb was the next one to get to have her picture taken with him.

Here the kids are intently watching Lucas the flipping beetle. Well, Ben is intently watching his meat and cheese, but Elizabeth and Sydney find Lucas fascinating.

The Hoffman kids. . .they're growing up so fast. . .well, kinda. . .they still spent most of the evening relentlessly teasing each other.

Grandma with her Hoffman Grandkids!

Syd with Grandma and her Mommy!

Elizabeth and her Mommy!

And here is Ben, showing off his amazing talent with food. Notice the sippy cup and his cheek. There was also frosting and lasagna on his pants and legs.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Father's Day

With some help from our friends the Ludshuks, the kids, grandma and I were able to surprise Rich with a trip to Springfield, Nebraska. Apparently they have an old fashion soda fountain that sits behind a big plastic Simpson's couch scene.

We were painting the basement on this day - so this was a nice break from all the work! But boy can you tell we were tired!!!

Ben was able to sit up at the counter briefly, but the stools were so wobbly he soon joined us at the table. He did enjoy his root beer float though!

Elizabeth was committed to the counter seating. She loved it up there!

Rich didn't want to take this picture. . .but his name was on the barrel and he is so cute, can you blame me? We love this Daddy SO much! He is a fun, loving, and involved Daddy. We are so lucky!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Playing with Emily

Here are some pictures of our day with Emily Reade! It was so fun to have her over to play!

Emily was kind enough to push Benjamin around. However, Benjamin was not always appreciating it!

Elizabeth blew lots of bubbles for the other kids to chase. Emily and Benjamin use the bubble stuff to splatter paint themselves and the driveway.