Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ben's Feature Section

Hello all -

Well the 2nd child is not suffering from 2nd child syndrome this week. With Elizabeth in California, Ben has actually been getting a few pictures taken. Although a couple of these were taken while Elizabeth was here. . .I'd thought I would take this opportunity to let Ben shine.

You know - a spoon can be a tricky thing to manuever. As you can see here - Ben has not quite mastered the art. Although he tries, he finds his hands to be much more practical. He also does not get the point of a bowl. It is just as easy to eat it right off the tray.

Here is some time with the spoon - and then some time with the hands.

The above was an attempt at self feeding yogurt. We tend attempt these great learning opportunities on bath days.

Below is Ben after his bath. This is Ben with a fauxhawk (which only lasted for the time to snap a few pictures). I felt this hairstyle was best suited to go with the t-shirt that his Uncle Tev picked out for him. He refused to put down his snack cup - so I am forced to spell out what it says. "Lock Up Your Daughters" Being the ladies man and little flirt that he is, this is a funny shirt for him.

Here he is working the image a little.

And just to remind every one that he is just a sweet little boy - here is his cute and preppy picture.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Disney 2008

We had a FABULOUS time at Disney World! It is hard to say who had the most fun and who was the most impressed. Here are a few of our pictures - in no particular order. :)

This is Elizabeth's before picture. She went to the Bippiti Boppiti Boutique for a "makeover". She thought it was lots of fun -- but she was VERY tired from our big day at MGM the previous day!

This is the after pictures. She picked the Belle Dress, the "Diva" hair, and the gold sparkly flip flops.

This is Elizabeth with her pink fuzzy princess book and Mickey pen. She carried this book with her everywhere and would jot down "notes" while she waited in line.

We saw Mickey Mouse! Of course - Mom had to jump in on that picture!

Here we are at the Magic Kingdom. Ben spent a lot of time napping in his stroller - and it is possible he spent more time enduring than enjoying. But he even had a good time - especially when he got out of his stroller!

More pictures from the beach - coming soon!!