Sunday, May 18, 2014

My Baby Girl Turns One

The happiest of birthdays to my sweet baby girl.  We celebrated yesterday with a party with family.  It was a lovely party and Katherine had a wonderful time.  She enjoyed being the center of attention and really thought that cake was something great!  I love this chalkboard created by a friend of mine because it will help me remember those finer details about my 4th 1 year old that might have otherwise been forgotten.

I cannot believe how fast this year has gone.  I am sure I have said that before on this blog and I assure you - this will not be the last time either.  I can't decide if it is because we are so busy with four kiddos and two full time + jobs or if is because I am getting older or both!  Whatever it is, it leaves me feeling so bittersweet about this birthday.  Good bye babydom. . .hello toddlerhood.  And that is the final good bye to babydom.  The end of an era. . .

In general, I don't get too worked up over birthdays, first days of school, and the like.  I do think it does invite some time of reflection as to where you have been and where you are headed.  But as I tell my children, there are advantages and disadvantages at every age.  I would argue that is true for parents of kiddos too - there are advantages and disadvantages of having kiddos at any age.  But look at those four kiddos in that picture above - when I was clicking through the pictures that I had taken from this party - my heart swelled when I saw this picture.  How full and blessed our life is.  That daily grind that we all live and breathe sometimes causes me to lose focus on that big picture - that 30,000 foot view.  I am lost in attempting fair and consistent consequences that I forget that I have amazing and well behaved kiddos.  In the running to and from activities, getting responsibilities done, and getting kiddos off to bed, I forget to see the big personalities these little humans are developing.  This photo brought that back for me.  What a fantastic group of kiddos. . . and I love them dearly.

Sweet Katherine was so dainty as she began to eat this cake.  Delicately picking off eat little pink dot.  She enjoyed the frosting - but it took her awhile to find her way to a more aggressive tactic.

As you can see - she found it!  :)  Ben came over to say hello to her while she was enjoying her cake and she took the hand she is showing the camera here and patted him on the head.

Phew!  This cake eating is exhausting!  :)

Bye bye!  My dad is taking me off for bath!