DPP2016 Day 15 - Music Man

Ok, so despite the fact that it is actually day 19, this will catch me up.  I would not allow myself to take any more pictures until I got this blog posted.  We had some technical difficulties over here.  A computer that wasn't working correctly.  Photo editing software that was on the fritz.  Fortunately, I know a computer guy.  He got things all straightened out for me.  But with Christmas coming in less than a week, the computer fix was hardly at the top of either of our lists.  So let's take a trip back to Days 15 and 16.   (Day 16 will follow this one)

Day 15

Today was a full day.  A full, full day.  I spent the morning helping both grandparents get organized and helping them with their online shopping.  Then Rich and I took Katie on lunch date to Runza.  She loves Runza and today she was able to get the oranges AND the applesauce.  It is always such a hard choice for her and what an easy thing to say yes to once in awhile.  She ate every last bite of fruit and most of her hamburger.  Must be growing.  We then ran to Costco for a quick errand and dropped Rich at home.  This year, I have been taking the kiddos out one by one for a lunch or dinner with just mom and shopping for their siblings.  I think the crazy of the season can make a kid's focus easily be on the getting not the giving.  We are blessed with many family and loved ones that want to buy things for the kiddos but I feel like if all we do is ask for ideas, how do we teach them that the season is actually about giving.  I am not sure that we are there or anywhere close for that matter.  But we are taking steps towards where their focus needs to be.  Some moments of pride learned from these trips:  E was the last one to go (on Day 18).  She insisted on spending her own money for her gifts this year.  She is miserly like her mama and so this is a HUGE thing.  I am SO proud of her for realizing the importance that sacrifice plays in the satisfaction of giving.  I think she will be rewarded richly come Christmas morning.  She did well shopping.  Big B was the first to go shopping.  He struggled at first to focus on looking for things for others.  He is easily lured in by the bright and shiny and new.  But when he found something he knew one of his siblings would like, he was adamant.  There was one I tried to talk him out of but my subsequent shopping trips told me that he was right and I was wrong.  I should have known he would know.  Lil b was efficient.  He walked right into the store, announced who he was looking for, and went straight for that section.  Nothing drew him off course.  He even included his Daddy.  He really wanted something Simpsons but settled for something else.  And Little K - well she barely grasped the concept but when push came to shove showed some knowledge of what her brothers and sister might like.  What I love most about these dates, beyond the lessons in giving, is that the children come alive when they get one on one time.  We need to make these times more frequent.  And the one of the four that is hardest to get out of the house for some one on one time, needs it the most.
The evening was Choir and Orchestra concert night.  I wasn't looking closely at my shots and many of my settings were off. - so the pictures are not what I would want them to be - but somehow, I think a year from now when I come back to read this, the memory will be far more valuable than the focus.  Lil B has been having a rough several days and this day was no exception.  I think he is tired and the excitement of the coming holiday is about all his brain can handle.  He is tired and impulsive and finding himself getting corrected quite often.  This is what he thinks of that.
His little heart breaks when he does something wrong.  He wants to do it right but sometimes his body gets away from him especially when he feels an injustice.   Love that mom look on my good friend, Jessica in the back ground.  She is such a good mommy, obviously, she has perfected /that/ look.  ;)

Big B plays in the orchestra and he sings in the choir.  I was surprised that he wanted to play the cello but I do not tell my children no to trying new instruments and experiences.  I want them to find their passions on their own terms.  While all arrows point to cello not being his passion, he is sticking with it and finding his way.  When singing, B came alive on songs with actions and movement and would really ham it up.  The slower songs looked a bit more like he was tolerating their existence.  He is an absolute delight to watch in these settings because he is so expressive - even if it isn't always the desired expression.  Here are a few pictures.  Photo creds to my neighbor T. Wilson for the close ups on the risers!

 The Cellist.

Songs with movement

Slower songs

 And here are two of the photographers.  K was busy taking and studying on pictures on of B during the show.  She was obsessed with getting just the right picture.  Her Pawee claims to be an "arteest" and was trying to show her the ways.  However, my brother asked him the other night when he might be able to take a photo in under an hour.  Anyone who has had my dad take their picture likely knows exactly what we are talking about. We giggled and giggled.  Well, at least, Kevin and I did.  The arteest may have been busy playing as though he was wounded.

These three plus B have been friends for a long time.  The outside two had the same KG teacher and they became fast friends.  The gal in the middle is in B's grade.  We are grateful for these types of friendships, that form easily and last over time. 

There is SO much I love about this picture.  A group of really great kids.  They take me seriously when I say take a crazy picture!  I love that E can't control her giggles over sweet Jessica's funny daughter!

And it is official - we are card holding members.  A deep discount got me to finally give in.  I am a bit terrified for my checking account from the stories I hear.   So help me out - comment below or on Facebook - what are the must try items from Costco.  I have not even looked around yet.  We were in a hurry so we applied, bought the gift we came for, and left.  So guide me, oh wise ones!