December Photo Project - Day 17

Today's submission is coming to you from the rocking chair in my baby girl's room.  Tonight, after returning home from a dinner, I was ready to tackle teacher gift assembly, laundry, dog training, plans to take sleeping kid pics for this blog and a nice long shower.  But I came in the door to hear whimpering and crying through the monitor, "my ears ouchie gramma". I took the dog outside quick and headed up to check on her.  When your mama looks at kids ears for a living - she better be ready to do it at home. Sure enough - she has both ears that are infected and looking pretty rough.  Ibuprofen and off to snuggle in the rocking chair.   I think she is nearly asleep now - but she is still doing that irregular inspiration that comes after a hard cry.  Poor thing.  

By the way - today - I am thankful for my village.  For the neighbors that helped to get kids to school today and tomorrow - for parents that come in the middle of the day to let the dog out and for my mom in law - who came up to babysit while I was at my student's graduation dinner and is staying overnight so that I can be at graduation on time early tomorrow.  And now I do not have to worry about what to do about school for little miss ear infections.  We are truly spoiled by the amount of outside help that is ready and able most of the time. 

Today is short and sweet.  I am ready for some sleep.