DPP2015 Day One

We have arrived at that special time of year where I dust off my blog and pretend to think you are waiting with bated breath to see what I will post next!  The truth is - I wish I had the time or discipline to keep up with something like this year around - but December is challenge enough!  Each year, I waiver on whether or not I will participate.  I have plenty to do without adding extras.  But what keeps bringing me back to this group that my friend introduced me to - is that it brings my focus back to my family, my life, my stories, and my happy.  It makes me stop to be intentional in moments that would have otherwise passed me by.  And what better time to intentionally live in the moment than in those moments leading up to Christmas.  Moments that could so easily get lost in the secular and the busy.  This photo project brings me back into the moments that matter and it gives me a yearly snapshot into our lives, who our children are becoming, and how Rich and I are changing and growing as well.  At the end of each year, I download the blog and save it.  Knowing that someday I will treasure having a record of some of the small moments. 

Today was like most Tuesdays.  A rush to get everyone home and to get the Bigs back out the door to their piano lessons.  Tonight, I stayed home to make dinner and got to enjoy some time with the Littles.  When I got the "big camera" out, Brandon was ready to pose anywhere and everywhere that I was willing to take his picture.  Here is one of his first poses.

While today was as ordinary as any Tuesday - I took time to appreciate the fun it still contained.  I enjoyed watching Brandon color his gingerbread man while telling me about the book they read today.  He could also tell me the author and was quite proud to tell me that he knew what author meant.  This kiddo loves details and he soaks up anything you can give him.

Katherine spent some time here this evening - being the fourth kid - she is not nearly as familiar with the time out spot as the others.  She is quite unimpressed with it.  But after doing a run by "throw Brandon's paper on the floor and giggle maniacally" for the third time, I figured it was time she had some thinking time.  When she wasn't laying on the step exasperated, she would occasionally call from the step, "Mooooooommmmm, I still in time out! Come get me out now."

As with most two year olds, she is mostly sweet and adorable. . . .you know, until she isn't.  :)  Tonight - she gave me great joy when she got her ever so frequent Facetime call from her Uncle Kevin.  My two year old Facetimes more than anyone else in the family and it is almost always Uncle Tev.  She is a big Kevin fan - which is nice, because when she was a baby, she would cry if he moved toward her, looked at her, or talked to her.  Had it not made him so sad, it would have been quite funny.  Tonight - they were chatting and laughing.  I don't remember what Kevin said to prompt it - but Katie burst out laughing and said "Kevin, you are a crazy girl!"  Naturally, this was possibly the highlight of my day and worth posting a blog all by itself.  It is as they say in the movie UP, "Kevin's a girl?!?!?"  :)  (The little sister in me never goes away).  Here is a screenshot of that sweetness. 
Since last year, we lost our puppy Lucky.  Our hearts were broken to bits when she got out one morning in the going to school rush and was hit by a car.  We have since adopted a new puppy - Teddy.  So below is a picture introducing a big puppy.  He is only 3 months old and he is almost the size Lucky was - Yikes!  I have also included a pic of the kiddos ready to start their Advent calendars.  Chocolates for the kids each day for 25 days - photos for me. 

As with previous year's - the photo I select for the DPP project is usually the last photo I post - save the best for last, I guess.  I picked this photo because this is a memory worth keeping.  Katherine's favorite ornament fell today and Beaker's head popped off.  You do not live in a house with four kids and an overly decorated Christmas tree without knowing how to quickly repair ornaments and get them ready to return to the tree.  Katie could not wait for the glue to dry and kept pulling up a chair to make sure that Beaker was getting better.  She would sit up there leaning on her elbows and speaking to Beaker ever so soothingly.  "It is ok Beaker.  We are gonna get you all better."  Those are the moments worth stopping and cherishing.  The seeds of compassion have been planted and she will continue to cultivate them in her own way - from her baby doll, to her siblings, to her friends, and even to a cherished ornament.  But don't forget that little finger sticking out - while chatting so sweetly - she is also looking to push that button.  I mean, she is still two after all!


Laurel Erickson said…
Lovely, Erin! Thanks for taking the time during your busy, busy life to share those sweet "everyday" moments with all of us! Great reminders of our daily blessings.
Erin said…
Thanks, Laurel! It is sweet of you to take the time to read my ramblings!
I love every bit of this every year. Perhaps I should learn to blog!
Erin said…
Oh Kenny! You should! I would read that blog. :) I could use a daily dose of Ken!