DPP - Day Three

Admittedly, I am tired today.  It is always pretty late before I get around to tackling the photos I took throughout the day and I sit down to write.  After two late nights, I was pretty sure skipping today was a good idea.  Then, my wifi went out and when I tried to restart, the computer wouldn't reboot.  Doesn't it seem like tonight should have been a night off?  But since I am married to a former IT guy, he had my computer up and running within minutes and I figured I couldn't really use that as an excuse. 

Today was a completely ordinary Thursday.  Getting kids up and out the door - safety patrol for E this week.  Getting to work, working, coming back home, basketball, and bed for all.  So I decided that I wanted to post some things that I want to remember from today. 

When Katie heard me open the door when I was coming home tonight before she even saw that it was me - she  yelled out, "Did you miss me, mommy??"  Of course the answer is yes!  She is so firmly in that snuggles and kisses toddler stage.  The run to you with arms wide open the moment they see you stage.  And she is a kid that once you pick her up, she will hold your face in her hands and give you thousands of kisses.  I usually start giggling before she quits because it is so over the top.  Today, she then wanted to sit down and read some Fancy Nancy.  Which I thought was a splendiferous idea - which is a fancy way to say a great idea (If you read the books, that sentence made perfect sense to you).  :)  I never did get changed out of my work clothes - still sitting in them now.  But I will take a moment like this over running upstairs to change clothes any day.
I believe in honesty and this picture is a bit deceptive.  While that puppy has many sweet moments, he can go from zero to Cujo in no time flat.  Don't be fooled by his size though - he is only three months old.  Well into the mouthy puppy stage that is infinitely less cute when you have grown so fast!  He is very smart and is learning what we teach him so quickly.  We all adore him more and more each day.  The only thing wrong with him is that he is a puppy. . . and all puppies are high maintenance!
I want to remember this moment too - because Rich rarely sits down.  And when he sits down, he usually falls asleep.  Rich is a busy body.  He just keeps moving, doing projects, cleaning up, dinking around on his phone, and doing his fair share of kid management (shuttling, homework, feeding, etc).  But tonight, he enjoyed a beer and a football game.  A well deserved break for a hard working man.

This one is working hard on math - her least favorite subject.  She is fastidious with her school work and typically quite responsible with all the expectations that she has at school.  She is focused and she cares so much about her performance - sometimes a bit too much. 

Our house is the frequent collector of children - which we love.  Whenever we aren't running around, we welcome the kids having the neighborhood kids come over and we are fortunate to have many kiddos within walking distance.  Ben has two really good friends that live a few houses away.  We had a full basement at one point and so we got the "jumper" out.  We have known Ben was going to be high energy from about 4 months on.  He never stopped moving.  Once he was up on his feet and winter was in full force, I found myself with not enough energy zapping activities for the kid.  So his 2nd birthday present was a bounce house for the basement.  6 years later - smartest purchase ever.  Here are several shots of the crazy kiddos having a blast!  You can play a game of "where's Ben" in these photos - because I believe he is in every single one.  But you'll struggle to find him - because he was constantly moving and at the bottom of the piles.

A little wild eyed, Brandon!

Being little is hard - because you go flying when anyone else jumps!

A few more moments worth remembering:
1.  Little boy conversations on the way to basketball.  By the end, they were quizzing each other with multiple choice questions.  Spoiler alert - the answer was always A.  They would blurt out the "A" option and then sit and think for other choices.
2.  Thankful for Christmas music.  I listen to it to and from work - sometimes while at work and any chance I get at home.  Now I just need to find some time to sit at the piano and play.  For those are the moments that I feel most connected with my sweet Mamo. 
3.  Brandon trying to file his toenails with a tongue depressor.  To be fair, it does look a lot like those wider nail files.  Let's hope he doesn't try to use it as a tongue depressor next. . . .
4.  More than a hundred people reading yesterday's blog.  I don't know who you are if you don't say something on Facebook - but I thank you just the same.  It is humbling, embarrassing, overwhelming, and encouraging all at the same time.

I don't know why I think I am the photographer around here - I think Rich's pic wins the DPP post again today.  I just love that pic with Katie and Teddy in it.  Everyone so content.