DPP Day22

You know a day is going to be alright when you get to enjoy the sight of this first thing in the morning:

He got himself up and dressed for school today and his outfit was awesome.  :)  My little minion makes me smile most days and today was no exception.  He got quite the response from school today so I am sure we may see this outfit again.  It also cracks me up that K looks like she is doing a model hair flip in the background.  Always camera ready.  
While I would have loved to keep the Littles home and play, bake, and goof around all day - that will have to wait for tomorrow.  There is so much I love about my job but it has an overwhelming and never ending to do list.  Most of the time that to do list can be flexible but other times things have to be done before a semester can end or begin.  This time around it is the final touches on a book chapter that I am writing (I am as shocked as you are) before it is due.  Truth be told - this is my extended deadline that I am trying to meet - so I best not be missing it!
Elizabeth spent her day creating to give everyone a hand made gift on Christmas.  The list she is working on is dauntingly long but she is determined.  She is sitting here in front of YouTube learning to make all sorts of holiday specific rubber band creations.  She has such a heart for creating and art.  But what I love most is that she is so concerned with whether or not people will like what she makes them.  She sat and thought long and hard about what each person should get and why they might like it.  I hope, those that are on the "list", realize that though the item may be small and not have an obvious use, there was a lot of love in that gift.  As a mom, I am just so proud of her hard work and thoughtfulness.

In this next set of pictures - you can see that she is involving all of the kiddos.  This is a bigger project she is working on for her grandparents.  No peeking - Omom and Pawee!  Grandma watches and was at the ready to deal with paint covered hands. 

 Putting on the finishing touches.  (Notice that she is STILL in the pjs that Grandma gave her.  It is going to be a struggle to get those into the dirty clothes)

A fancy Jimmy Johns dinner since Mom, Dad, and Elizabeth were going to A Christmas Carol.  Leave it to this kid to roll up all the bread from inside the bread into a ball and then eat it dramatically.  He would make all of his food a toy if I would allow it. 

And so it begins......

Speaking of phone calls - we got a VERY special phone call today from one of our dear friends who lives half way across the country.  He is coming for a visit!!  We can hardly wait.  We had a little dance party in his honor and we will be practicing our best moves for when he arrives. 

We got a special date night with our eldest girl.  I am not sure that I have seen the Christmas Carol since I was in it a LONG time ago.  It was fun to go and see it.  Some things have changed - but I found I still knew the songs and the dialogue as if it were yesterday.  Elizabeth loves to go to musicals, symphonies, and the like.  Most of all - she loves to get Mom and Dad all on her own. Being the oldest and little miss independent - she can get lost in the shuffle sometimes.  Mom and Dad love this time to focus on her and all her gifts too.