The uninvited guest....

So today was not a high picture volume day.  Mostly because I just forgot.  Great news!  We did not have a before school activity to either forget or not be able to find shoes to be able to attend.  So that makes this morning a win.   You know what else makes this morning a win?   I was bustling around because I was picking one of my work friends to carpool into work.  Rich had an early call so I was on my own to get the kiddos off to school.  I was giving lots of reminders of time but not really paying too close attention to what the three of them were doing.  I knew all the critical items were complete and they were just playing.  So when I gathered all of my things and turned to walk out the door, I stopped to take a picture of what I saw.   If this isn’t a morning win, I don't know what is.  They crack me up.

DPP Day 8 - Ready for school
K has really committed to this bike helmet being more of an accessory rather than for riding bikes.  Picked her outfit to match it today and she has been sleeping with it.  This is a new thing in the last two days and I am not going to be sad to see it go.  However, I do intend to get lots of pictures while it lasts.

This evening was mostly uneventful.  Rich got to go to a hockey game with a good friend.  The kids and I drove E to basketball practice.  K was having a meltdown in the backseat about the littlest of things.  She is normally completely content and laid back.  Tonight, she was bothered by every. little. thing the boys were doing.  She has been eating like a horse the last week or so, so we thought we should feed the beast.  Hangry is real, people.  We got some food for her and it was a miracle cure.  We returned home for snuggles, playing with neighborhood friends, making Christmas lists for the grandparents, and Christmas movies.  Kevin was nice enough to bring E home from practice so the other kiddos were able to play.  While I was writing yesterday's blog and the kids were off to bed, Kevin and I watched this movie that reminds us so much of our grandmother.   Do you know what movie it is??

Probably the best story from today is a Rich story.  Rich has an amazing mind for forensics, computers, and how things come together but this leaves little room for dates, upcoming events, and the like.  Rich is very friendly and makes friends with all the neighbors.  We are both outgoing but the man often makes me look like a recluse.  So he is good friends with our neighbors across the street as am I.  They are sweet enough to always invite us to their Christmas party every year.  They throw an amazing party and we always look forward to it.  I hadn't put the party on the calendar yet but I was pretty sure it wasn't tonight.  However, there were lots of cars around their house so Rich wanted to go make an appearance.  I wasn't dressed or ready for a party and had a lot to do before bed so I took a pass.  He walked in, as he does, and just starts hanging out and chatting with people.  The man has never met a stranger.  He gets a drink and some food (because when would he pass up on food?!?!?) and finally finds Randy.  It was at this point that he is informed that he is at Randy's work party not the neighborhood party.  But see, Rich seems to know all these people and chats with them anyway.  As I start to think about it, I am fairly confident that this is not the first time that Rich has crashed Randy's work party.  I am fairly confident we both did two years ago and he did last year.  I think it is good they have started sending me the invite for the party.  Now I can't stop giggling because I am envisioning that this is just a thing and perhaps they wait each year for the uninvited guest to arrive.  Maybe they even have an over/under pool on it.   I need to be better at getting it on the calendar or checking the text before letting Rich out that front door.  Good news is - he gets along with everyone and likely livened up their party for the short time he was there. It is entirely possible that Randy and Jeanne are not nearly as excited to live near us as we are living near them.   I have said it before and I will say it again.  It is never dull.  We are like our very own comedy of errors over here!


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