Welcome Back for DPP2017

I am happy to be joining the 2017 December Photo Project.  This is my FIFTH year joining the project.   The deal is that you post one photo each day for the first 25 days of December.  I choose to blog with my photo posts but that isn't required or even encouraged.  For me, it gives me a once a year chronicle of what the Hoffman Family life looks like.  A snapshot in time.  It is a time to reflect on what is awesome in this season of life and what is hard.  What we are doing well and where we need to grow. And most importantly, what the kiddos personalities and lives look like in 2017.   I do this for us but invite you along for the ride should you care to join in.  I always love your comments and sharing of your photos.
You might note that this initial post is a day late.  I feel that this should set expectations exactly as they should be.  December is a busy season for everyone, including us!   So sometimes I am a day or five late but I make an effort to eventually get as many of the 25 days posted as I possibly can.
Only one photo for today.  I feel that it defines this time of life well.   This is my viewpoint much of the time.  It allows for great fun for the kiddos with activities and sports.  It also creates a challenge to remain intentional in other areas of life and to avoid falling victim to the rat race.
Wish us luck as I jump in for this year's DPP.  I am looking forward to another year to use the blog to see those moments that I may have otherwise missed and to reflect on life.   Another post later tonight for Day two!